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Event transport

Complete management of all your needs

In 2015, Chabé created Chabé Event, a department entirely dedicated to managing transportation for even the most complex events. 

Whether your event is in Paris, Moscow, Dubai, London, Milan or Geneva, Chabé offers you the advantage of exchanging with a single representative for all your transport needs
throughout the world.

A dedicated team at your service
24 hours a day

One or several dedicated coordinators (up to 25) are assigned to a single event, depending on the requirements; however, you will deal with one single representative, no matter the nature of your request or the size of the event. A pool of professional, multilingual chauffeurs is created to match your needs, based on a set of pre-defined skills required for the job. The reservation team, the dispatchers and the sales team offer any necessary support to the event department.

A service provider you can count on

Chabé event is a separate department, bringing together several people each year who manage the coordination of transport requirements for events. All our representatives have significant experience (on average 5 years) and proven skills in the coordination of complex events in France and abroad.

A service suited to your event

From personalized vehicle decoration and VIP welcome services to press dossiers in the vehicles, we will listen to your individual needs and ensure we tailor our service to meet the standards of your event.

The events to come


Fashion Week – 3 to 8 July 2016

The fashion weeks are no longer a secret to Chabé. Every season, our teams drive models, VIP and associates from the biggest Fashion Houses during receptions, shows and other glittery events…

This summer, our event and chauffeur teams have coordinated 400 jobs in just one week, with up to 100 cars a day, for VIP guests of the luxury and fashion sector.

Fashion Week

Paris Air Show – 15 to 21 June 2015

Must-see event in aero-defense, the Paris air show (Le Salon du Bourget) hosted a thousand visitors this year. The complex logistic of the event, the difficult of access to the exhibition and the important need in a short duration, required a smooth organization and a proved experience. That’s why, the organizer elected Chabé as official provider for the chauffeured car transport needs. Chabé managed about 900 missions a day for the most demanding clients.

salon du bourget

Open de France de Golf – July 2015

Supplier of the Open de France organized by Alstom for its 10th anniversary, Chabé mobilized 80 chauffeurs to provide the better transport service for the high-level sportspersons and the VIPs.

Open de France

"I wanted to thank you for all your support in organizing the guest transportations for us on this occasion. We look forward to working with your team in the near future. Many thanks"

Tiffany L.

Events Manager

"It’s always with complete confidence that we entrust you with our transport needs, which are often essential for running a successful event."

Laure C.

Event manager

"It is always reassuring to know that the transportation company we work with is always flexible and responsive as we always encounter spontaneous requests at the very last minute. In particular, Atmane was notably helpful and kept me informed about the last drop off which was much appreciated."

Tiffany L.

Events Manager

Chabé experience

Chabé experience

Chabé experience


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Chabé experience


Single representative for all your requests

Chabé experience


A dedicated team available at all times

Chabé experience


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